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We are the Steward family- Chris, Jessica, Madi, and Cyes! We've been living tiny since June of 2019, and we have no "end date" in sight at the moment!


We went on this adventure because we needed MAJOR change as we realized our lifestyle at the time was no longer serving our family well. This wasn't something we ever pictured ourselves doing, but here we are!

We literally sold (or gave away) everything we owned including our "dream home" in Houston, TX with 4 bedrooms, a huge office, formal dining, and a large backyard right off of a beautiful golf course. When we say we SOLD IT ALL, we mean it! The only things we have in storage are 5 tubs of memory items at Jessica's parents' house. And we don't miss a THING!


We thought we had everything we had ever dreamed of... until we realized we didn't. We were yearning for "more", but we knew to get there meant living life with a lot "less" STUFF. There has been so much freedom with having less!

We are so glad you are here! Be sure to check back as we'll be launching our blog soon with all kinds of tips and tricks to living tiny!

You can also find us on Instagram @thestewardlife where we go live for "Tiny Living Tuesdays" and share the good, bad, and how we find joy in the in-between in our stories and posts!

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